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Demonstrations and Testimonials
Below you will find just a few of the many testimonials the Tuning Element has received. I will be updating this page on a regular basis as I receive testimonials from my customers as well. Will I be receiving your testimony next?
I had a double knee replacement on November 3, 2009. I had so many complications that after 5 months I could not walk a city block. We decided to get away for a few days to visit Branson. This was the end of April, 2010. We rode a trolley down to Bass Pro Shop and just outside the shop was a Tuning Element kiosk that had a sign that said "STOP PAIN". I was hurting so bad at this point I asked if I could sit down The lady, Diana, asked what hurt me. I explained my situation. She immediately took a Tuning Element Bracelet off the rack and placed it on my knee. I thought it was my imagination but the pain and burning was gone. I placed it on my other knee, it stopped hurting too. We walked the whole mall that day. That night I rested better than I have in years. I have more energy too. It has also helped my osteoarthritis, and gout. I sold my Harley before I bought my bracelet. The Harley vibrated so much that it hurt me and I just didn't feel stable enough. After finding the Tuning Element Bracelets, we are riding again. It's given me strength, balance and stability, plus I'm nearly pain free. It's given me back my life.

Thanks Tuning Element.

J.C. from Indiana


In April of 2004, my granddaughter Brynn, on her way back to college in Missouri, was in a horrendous wreck. She was life-lined to St. Louis Trauma Center. On the third day after the wreck, she suffered a stroke that impaired her left side. She had received terrible head injuries with severe trauma and bruising to the brain. For 8 days the doctors said she would not live. That was not God's plan. Once stable, after several weeks, they transported her to Hook Rehab in Indianapolis. After three months, she finally came out of coma. She had to learn to breathe, swallow, feed herself, walk, talk, and many other functions that we take for granted. She lost her short term memory and her inhibitors, which give us the ability to focus and reason, and she slurred her speech. After months of therapy she regained use of her left hand but she walked throwing her left foot out, and balance was a big issue. In April of 2010, we found the Tuning Element Bracelet and bought her one. With the bracelet her speech improved a little as did her balance. I wanted her better. I called Tuning Element and spoke with Sean Martinez about becoming a dealer. He was hesitant at first until I told him that I wanted to help my granddaughter, and I knew these T.E. bracelets was the answer. He wanted to meet with me more about the Tuning Element Bracelets, becoming a dealer and what impact this amazing product had on my family and I. The he asked about Brynn. When he heard her story, he said to bring Brynn when we came down. He wanted to work with her one on one. When we met the Tuning Elements staff, Sean worked with Brynn for a long time. She still could not reason, focus, or walk steady. First he put a Tuning Element necklace on her, closest to her head injury. She already had a bracelet, so he put an ankle bracelet on her too. He had her walk. She still threw her foot out and didn't understand how something like this could help her. He continued to work with her until he had five T.E. pieces on her. He proved to her how balanced she was and her strength was unbelievable. He put his full weight on her and she did not move. She is tiny and this proved to her that the bracelets were making her stronger and more balanced. She left Branson wearing three pieces of Tuning Elements. Today, after only 6 months, she has her life back. She's not perfect yet, but Sean said that she will continue to improve. She is back in college studying to do something in the medical field. In school, she is making mostly A's. She's driving again, however she uses the GPS when she leaves town. Her short term memory is coming back, and her speech is much better. She's jogging with her friends. She is very focused and has the zest for life again. That zest had been take from her for five years. As I said before, her life isn't perfect yet, because of the Tuning Element Bracelet, Brynn does have a life.

Date Posted: 11/29/2010
Posted By: Ann


I have such faith in this precious tool (The Stunning Element Bracelet) that I have being demonstrating it to all my friends and my family members. My sister in Law was amazed by the balance demonstration so she decided to order it. For months she had been suffering with excruciating right shoulder pain and leg pain so severe that it was disrupting her activities of daily living....A few weeks after wearing her new bracelet we left to the Caribbean on vacation and hiked in a beautiful rain forest. My sister in law completed the trail and at the end had a great smile on her face....That night we all went dancing and at 4:30 am we found ourselves swimming in an outdoor pool!! She did it all and never complaint! We were all in disbelief! I am so happy for what it has done for me personally as much as what it has done for those who I dearly love!

Date posted: 08/23/10
Posted By: Miguel
Ellenville, NY


When I bought my bracelet, I had to ride with a knee brace and a wrist brace. The next day I rode without braces or pain. I am sleeping better and having much less digestive problems. The bracelet is more than worth it!

Date of posting: 01/10/11
Posted By: Donna
Perkins, Ok

​Before I give you testimonies from people who have sent them in, first let me give you mine and explain to you why I became a representative for Tuning Element.

I was a competitive gymnast for many years when I was younger. I also ride and show multiple disciplines including the AQHA all-around events, barrel racing and roping. Because of my competitive gymnastics career I have had numerous surgeries including; 5 knee surgeries, a shoulder surgery and a back surgery. I have chronic lower back pain and trouble sleeping. I also have aches in my knees on a regular basis from being extremely active. 

I went to the March to the Arch show in Lake St. Louis, MO and a Tuning Element dealer was there showing all of the exhibitors and spectators how these bracelets worked. I was skeptical at first, but had them perform the balance tests on me to show me how they worked. I was pretty amazed my balance was not any better than it was and that this little bracelet could make it so much better. I walked out of there with a lot of information and no bracelet. 

The next day I came in and was in quite a bit of pain from being on my feet all day and I also had not slept well that night. I went over to them and asked if I could wear a bracelet for the day and see if it really did help me. Much to my surprise, within the hour, my knee aches were gone and my lower back pain had diminished as well. I wore the bracelet for the rest of the day to be sure this wasn't in my head. I ended up going back and purchasing the bracelet from the dealer. 

After making the 5.5 hour drive home, I still had relatively no pain in my back. The next test was to see if I could sleep through the night without waking up to roll over from my back pain. I awoke the next morning and noticed that there was no back pain and it was easier to get out of bed. At this point I realized that this wasn't a placebo and something was really working. The true test came next. 

I took the bracelet to my mother who has rheumatoid arthritis and several other conditions to see if it would help her. She wore the bracelet for about 24 hours and slept the entire night for the first time in years. Some of her pain was lessened and that day she was able to take less pain medication. At that point I knew this technology worked and I also knew there were a lot of other people that were close to me I could help.

I immediatly made an inquiry to the company to see if they were looking for a dealer for my area and here I am now. My mom and several members of my family have the bracelets. I am sure they will be giving their own testimonials soon, but for now, I can say that they all agree the bracelets help their pain, balance and strength. 

I wouldn't be here telling you any of this if I didn't firmly believe that this bracelet has made my life a lot less painful! 

Brittany Barker

UPDATE - I recently used my bracelet on my barrel horse at the last show and we clocked the two fastest times in that arena that we have ever made. 
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